MLP Weekly #8 : hollowed portrait of a grandma

2022-01-01 20:32:13

At a time when the situation in nursing homes is being debated, many elderly people and their families are choosing to stay in their homes as much as possible. It is still necessary to be autonomous, to have all your head in order not to put yourself in danger, but also to be able to continue to be integrated into society, not to close in on yourself. Indeed, many elderly people live alone, without seeing anyone for days, because their body no longer allows them to go out, hear, see.

Fortunately, sometimes assisted by housekeepers, meal delivery services, nurses, neighbors or their families, some of them manage to maintain independence, ties, and freedom. Excerpt from the hollow portrait of a 90-year-old grandmother who still loves making pies for her grandchildren, and going for walks with her friends.