From childhood, I have been passionate about art: compulsive reader, I try my hand at drawing, painting, and create my first stories and fanzines on my mother’s old electric typewriter. While I was 7 or 8 years old, my father gave me his film camera, which no longer closed correctly: the act of pushing the button fascinates me, the shooting amuses me. My medium of expression has always been writing, it will take many years to allow myself to actually practice photography.

When I was a teenager, with a Literary / Art History baccalaureate, it is obvious: I will be a journalist. In Paris, during my studies of Modern Specialized Letters at the Sorbonne, I did a few internships for Marianne, and especially Les Inrockuptibles during a year rich in teaching, alongside Nelly Kapriélian and Sylvain Bourmeau for the literary section. A few articles for the Rolling Stone site later, I don’t feel out of place in this universe, and don’t put a lot of energy into making a living from it. I am reorienting myself towards web development: I am going back to studies, obtaining a diploma at IESA Multimedia (Digital Campus). I become a project manager in a web agency.

At the same time, when I was barely 19, I met American author Laura Albert, better known under the pseudonym JT LeRoy, during a public reading in New York City. She invites me several times at her home, in San Francisco, and during her business trips in Europe: I am taking my first steps in travel photography. She was, with the musician Geoff Knoop, her husband at the time, the first to discover my passion for photography and to encourage me in this direction. Until then, I had kept my photographic practice to myself, for the pleasure of shooting at concerts, in the street, or while traveling, without imagining for a second being able to produce photos worthy of interest for someone from other.

“Paris, I love you, but I’m leaving you”: departure for the southwest of France, in the Lot. I become a freelance, and web writer for content marketing agencies. But, very quickly, I become disillusioned: it is the articles factory. It still allows me to canvass magazines, and return to my first love: journalism. I have been writing since 2018 for Dire Lot, a local magazine “very natural, very heritage, very … Lot”, faithful to the slogan of the department. My pleasure to interview passionate people in their field is immense, but even more so to capture their gaze, to photograph their work. Self-taught, I can hardly believe that my photos are published for the first time! Hours of online training, chatting with professional photographers, analyzing work in magazines or in exhibitions and museums, practicing shooting, are starting to show results.

Today, I develop projects in various styles, ranging from artistic photography close to abstract art, to intimate photography, photo-reportage, concert or travel photography. To be continued …

Current partnerships

Journalist for Dire Lot

Journalist for La Depeche

Photographer for the Department of Lot as part of the policy of attractiveness of the territory Oh My Lot!

Correspondent for the Occitanie region

Community Manager for the Community of Municipalities of the Lot Valley and the Vineyard

Freelance front-end developer with the Andy is Free collective

Photographer in the group of Photographers and Videographers of the Lot

Author of the tourist guide Le Petit Futé Lot