MLP Weekly #56 : concerts in Prayssac

2023-08-29 19:30:04

Last Friday, concerts evening in Prayssac for the village festival. This year, the headliner is Mouss and Hakim, the brothers from the band Zebda. Not particularly my cup of tea, but the desire to take concert photos motivates me to go. I’m not disappointed: the group has energy to spare, the audience is won over, sings along with them, and laughs at the good jokes and the little choreographies of the singing duet. Just after, the group OIA Star arrives on stage with its singer with a Hunter S. Thompson look, the audience is more sparse, but ready to pogo. The sound is good, however I am very surprised by a riff and a rhythm completely identical to the song Black Math by the White Stripes. For long seconds, I said to myself “They’re covering the White Stripes… I’m dreaming!” and yes, I was dreaming, it was just a good big copy of the intro.

The evening was not ruined however. I always have so much fun shooting artists on stage, capturing their facial expressions and their emotions.