MLP Weekly #31 : Lot Valley rocks !

2022-09-20 16:51:40

A weekend full of emotions since it started on Friday evening with the inauguration of the integration projects of Pause aux Filaos, an association located in Luzech which helps in every possible way women and children who are victims of domestic violence. Many political figures and local institutions were present, starting with the new prefect of the Lot, Mrs. Mireille Larrède, who was able to cut the ribbon to enter the premises of the construction sites.

Sunday afternoon, it’s the Trip-Tic company of the choreographer Violette Guillarme who proposed a contemporary dance show with an amazing concept: the public could “zap” from one choreography to another. Emotions. Laughs. Skills.

Finally, still on Sunday at the end of the day, the association Art et Traditions de Castelfranc organized a baroque music concert in the village church because it is falling into ruin… The concert was therefore for the benefit of its renovation, and the musicians offered us a concert of good quality. Thanks to them!