Concert by Troubles at the Docks in Cahors 11.24.2023

2023-12-19 19:17:43

Last Friday, November 24, the eve of International Women’s Rights Day, the band Troubles, with Virginie Despentes, Casey, Béatrice Dalle and the band Zëro, gave a concert like no other at the Docks in Cahors.

It was a musical reading, sometimes bordering on slam, with a phenomenal power. Zëro’s music carried their voices often with rage, always with intensity.

The three readers read texts together or alone, echoing each other, chanting a form of social program : I adhere without a doubt.

The texts denounced inequalities linked to sex or gender, to skin color, too. The text about white feminism that Casey read really moved me. Béatrice Dalle gave a sensual and poetic reading. Virginie Despentes, an author I read for the first time when I was a teenager, was impressive when she invited us to walk together so “a new present can begin”.

Their complicity was palpable.

The audience was hot, very responsive, the atmosphere was special. At the end of their performance, “Bravo!” and “Thank you!” burst into the room. I felt this solidarity, this bond, that warmed my heart.