MLP Weekly #48 : walk in Gourdon

2023-02-21 17:40:00

As part of a mission for Petit Futé in the Lot, I went on a road trip with my dog ​​towards Gourdon. I had never taken the time to stroll through its charming little streets. The light of a late spring afternoon turned the stone an incredible golden color. I also had the chance to visit La Maison du Sénéchal, Gourdon Architecture and Heritage Interpretation Center, with its manager Anne-Marie Angaut, generous with her explanations and passionate about her subject. It also allowed me to admire exceptional works from the city’s archives: an Evangeliary on which the Consuls of Gourdon took their oath when they took office, dated from the 12th and 13th century, in parchment, as well as a collection trial from the 14th century whose cover is a work of art in itself, carved in wood and leather with brass bolts.