La Yegros at the Docks of Cahors

2024-06-01 16:23:20

Last Saturday, La Yegros was at the Docks of Cahors for a colorful, joyful concert, full of energy, and this while she was very pregnant (7 months, as she told us).

She puts us straight into the mix with her title Veo. Her musicians put on a show, their complicity is palpable, and their little choreographies make you want to follow in their footsteps.

The rhythm is sustained, between songs from the new album and hits, notably Linda la cumbia.

Change of costumes, big confetti, decoration of feathers and flowers, and even a few surprises: the audience was amazed!

She ends by thanking the audience while rolling the R’s for a long time: MERRRRRCI!

And the public repays them: the bravos and the applause are unmistakable.