I have a dream...

2021-09-13 16:03:04

I am not original: like Martin Luther King Jr and many people before me, I dream of peace, balance, equality. I am a humanist, an idealist, a utopian. Oscar Wilde invited us to aim for the moon, because in case of failure, we end up in the stars. I also look up, towards the trees, and dream of a human society like forests, with solidarity, respect, and yet diversity.

Arbonirism is an invitation to this dream. The pilot project carried out in the Lot is destined to be rolled out. Initially in Martinique, inspired by the quote from Edouard Glissant “Dreamed country, real country” in order to dream a world, and to tell this island, through its trees, and therefore its past and future history.

The moon I’m aiming for? A global arbonirism: going to meet trees which tell our world, which bind us to each other, historical, natural, cultural, dreamlike symbols.

Let’s look up to the trees, and take some seed from them.